Mathey Dearman CNC Saddle Machines

Mathey Dearman CNC Saddle Machines
Our new groundbreaking saddle machines place CNC accuracy into the hands of field welders giving them an unmatched level of skill, precision and productivity.

•Our three models work on a range of pipe diameters from 1½” to 12”
• Compact design and lightweight high-strength aluminum construction
• Easily installed and operated by one person
• Low current-draw electrical system can be powered from any common 15 AMP, 115 or 230 volt outlet
• Create precision shapes in minutes not hours
• One machine replaces literally thousands of saddle templates, contour templates or paper patterns
• Dramatically speeds cutting and reduces or eliminates grinding
• Trial and error manual fit-up is a thing of the past along with its wasted time and materials
• Complete field portability